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Sivam in a nutshell

  • Established in: 1932
  • Production facilities: Casalpusterlengo (Lo), Battipaglia (Sa)
  • 2019 turnover: approx. 43 million
  • Customers: 10,000
  • Sales network: 130 agents
  • Employees: 75
  • Products in catalogue: 1,450
  • Articulated vehicles moved each year: 2,300
  • Deliveries: 42,700
  • Lands sown with Sivam seeds: 70,000 (ha)
  • Silages inoculated with Sivam ferments: 1,500,000 (100 kg)
  • Animals fed with Sivam products: 370,000
  • Dairy cows with Sivam monitoring systems: 70,000


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The strategy

Sivam products include the “ETTARO DI LATTE” programme aimed at assisting farmers and breeders to make the most of their land and optimise stable production.

Sivam provides farmers/breeders with cutting-edge farm performance management solutions to optimise production.

Sivam’s “NutriGestione” approach, which includes a remote animal performance monitoring system, makes it possible to formulate personalised and sustainable nutrition and management advice in real time. The monitoring proposed by Sivam is the most technologically advanced means of keeping the herd under control 24 hours a day, a solution already chosen by more than 500 farms throughout Italy with around 70,000 animals.


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Responsibility is a word that guides Sivam’s work in all directions and summarises the values that inspire our way of doing business:

  • towards customers, whose satisfaction is our priority
  • towards the animal breeding/farming sector of which we feel we are actors and promoters
  • towards employees, whose well-being we constantly look after
  • towards the local community in which we feel deeply rooted
  • towards future generations to whom we will bequeath what we build day after day.

Our Partners

Among the partners that complete Sivam’s current range:

  • Allflex on herd monitoring with SenseHub™
  • Phibro with Omnigen AF® to make the ImmunityGen® line even more effective
  • Lallemand with Magniva® (forage inoculations) and Melofeed® (natural source of antioxidants) that characterizes the Naturtech line.
  • Vetagro for its exclusive technology in treating vitamins, making them rumenprotected.
  • Farm-led® for breeding: patented lighting technology for animal husbandry
  • Syngenta®: highly selected seed and crop protection
  • Masseds: seeds, for 70 years a company of farmers for farmers

Where we are

Sivam has its administrative and management offices in the town of Casalpusterlengo (Lodi); the company has two production sites, Casalpusterlengo (Lodi) and Battipaglia (Salerno), where feed supplements and animal feed are produced respectively.

Sivam distributes its products to over 10,000 customers throughout Italy, through 130 agents and specialized sales staff. The Casalpusterlengo and Battipaglia sites are the main logistics platforms; warehouses are also in operation in Carmagnola (Turin) and Oristano.



Quality means satisfying customer expectations.

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Constantly oriented towards customer satisfaction and respect for health and nature, SIVAM has always stood out in the agricultural world above all thanks to the attention paid to the quality of its products and all its activities.

To make this possible, SIVAM has created a series of “rules” that constitute its “Quality Management System“.

Starting from listening to the needs of consumers, it describes and classifies all the factors that condition feed production: i.e. raw materials, production plants, operating conditions, procedures and the way staff behave.

SIVAM, aware of its delicate role in the agro-food supply chain, has considered it crucial to develop a Management System for the various production phases capable of controlling all the critical factors that could reduce the quality of products, eliminating or limiting them to an acceptable level.

SIVAM carefully selects the raw materials it uses, as well as its suppliers, who are qualified and controlled by the Quality Department. The entire production process is also subject to continuous monitoring through biological and microbiological chemical analyses.


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Compliance with health and hygiene regulations in the production facilities is certified according to “ISO 22000:2005″ and “CODEX ASSALZOOO” standards.