What is nutrigestione?

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This is the new Sivam proposal at the service of breeders for nutritional and management decisions based on the Sivam monitoring system.

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Prevents problems.

sivam no drugs

Reduces the use of drugs.

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Improves animal welfare.

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Increases the sustainability and profitability of the farm.


Nutrigestione in the shed: from birth to weaning

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Milk flours

Liovor® range
Nutritional and functional action for high performance.

Animal feed

BuffaloVit range

DietoVit range
To stimulate and develop the rumen and increase the ingestion of dry substance.

Problem Solving Products

ImmuniCalf 500
Colustrum replacement.

Dietamin SOS
In case of diarrhea.

Dietamin Immunitygen
To stimulate the immune system and prevent diarrhea.

To sanitize boxes and litters.

ASSECCATICCE (weaning to 12 months) AND ANNUTOLE (13-24 months)

Nutrigestione in the shed: from weaning to first delivery

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Unifeed’s Vitelle
Unifeed dry technique.

Manze Immunity
To sustain the immune defences.

Manze Easy
Nutritional effect to completely satisfy mineral-vitamin requirements.

Fosfobloc 6,5 NP
With 1:1 Calcium-Phosphorus ratio.

Animal feed

BuffaloMix range
To stimulate the harmonic growth of the animals, make work easier and cut restock costs.


Nutrigestione in the shed: from 3 weeks before delivery to 3 weeks after

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Anionic line
Available in liquid and flour version.
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Oleostar line
Dietetic animal feed for the preparation of oestrus and reproduction.

Frisia Start-Up
Mineral block with functional effect (Silymarin).

Animal feed

Novomilk range

Top Premium
To ensure correct ingestion of dry substance and strengthen the rumen function.

To support the immune function and prevent immunodepression.

Problem Solving Products

  • Phase One
  • Glico-Dex
  • Fractionated fat GPR 98%
  • Fat Plus GPR
  • Ketotek
  • Calcium Fluid
  • Reidra-Tonic Excellence
  • Rumensyl Immunity Advance Pellet


Nutrigestione in the shed: during the milking period

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Unifeed’s range

Immunity line
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Progest line
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NaturTech line
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Organic line
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Formulated to improve rumen efficiency.

Formulated to stabilise rumen pH.

Mineral Block line:

  • Frisia Zn Selenium NP with trace elements
  • Frisia Klima for the summer
  • Totalbloc with vitamins

Animal feed

  • BuffaloMilk range
  • 856 Bufale range
  • Ruminant line
  • Difference line
  • MixONE line
  • PelletONE line
  • SbriciolONE line
  • MiscelONE line
  • UnifeedONE line
  • RuminONE line

Problem Solving Products

  • Phase One
  • Glico-Dex
  • Fractionated fat GPR 98%
  • Fat H GPR
  • Fat Plus GPR
  • Zima Se-Tox Pellet
  • Micocontrol Excellence
  • Fertil


Nutrigestione in the shed: last 2 months of gestation

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Gamma Premaman
Per una completa copertura dei fabbisogni mineral-vitaminici.

Polisal 1:3

Lasersal 1:3 Pellet

Linea Biologica
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Mineral Block Line:

  • Fosfobloc 14 NP rich in phosphorus
  • Totalbloc Dry with vitamins

Animal feed

BuffaloMix range

DietoGest range
Formulated to regenerate mammary and liver tissue, restore correct nutrient balance and promote a rapid resumption of reproductive activity.

Problem Solving Products

  • Bi.Fertil

  • Epatovit

  • Epatovit Forte Pellet

  • Zima

  • Zima Se-Tox Pellet

  • Rumensyl Immunity Advance Pellet